About Us

Health Promotion training aims to educate the public about health risks and methods to prevent or reduce risks, with focus on preventing, improving and maintaining quality of life throughout one’s lifespan.

Our training courses are catered to healthcare providers, lifeguards, personal trainers, school staff, childcare providers, babysitters (11 years old and up), construction organizations, and laypersons interested in promoting healthier and safer organizations and communities. Our center provides services for the Central Florida area. Classes are available at our designated location or offsite. Mobile off-site services are available per request.

Why Train with Us?

At Fair LifeSavers and Consulting LLC, our driving principle is Quality. We aim to provide quality education and life support techniques and/or skills to increase life sustainability! We are here to assure you learn and maintain necessary skills to save your family, patients, employees, and customers you serve in time of an emergency! Our team possess the quality, skills and experience required to assure you are a qualified LifeSaver! We do not compromise necessary skill techniques for convenience of time, making sure you are adequately prepared to save individuals you care about, even if you are the sole resuscitator.

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